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Not only did I learn about drinking and driving, but I learned positive life skills as well. Tom was an amazing teacher. He made the class enjoyable and did a good job all together. Bill makes the classes fun to go to, and has some good stories. I actually looked forward to going after that.

I learned a lot about the facts of alcohol and how to be responsible with it. The instructor made it interesting and worthwhile. I don't do well with treatment or things like it because I have a hard time with the counselors relating to me. Bill's personal experiences help me the most in what I don't want and the fact that he's been through all he has and still positive and successful makes me realize that I also will.

I was very pleased and actually looked forward to lesson night. The class is very energizing and informative. I love how everyone is willing to tell their stories and participate a lot. Learned a lot about how drugs and alcohol affects our body and mind, friends and family. How to avoid having alcohol problems again. The book was easy to follow and the instructor was helpful. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has a drinking and driving problem. Surprisingly Helpful" Great class. Surprisingly helpful in getting me to understand why I got a DWI in the first place as well as how to change my thinking in order to avoid a future one.

I'm extremely thankful to Bill for being such a relaxed, supportive person. Even though I wasn't here long, I'll never forget it.

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She did an awesome job and was very helpful. I felt that it was nice to hear the instructors agree with updating the materials we learn from. I think this would be beneficial to any new arrivals. I also feel a lot of people are visual learners so maybe a few more videos wouldn't hurt. Other than that all in all it was good. It was very informative. Definitely threw out different opinions that I never thought of.

And especially having a teacher who cares about the program is very nice, refreshing, and makes me feel like they want to be here as opposed to just wanting a paycheck. Thanks, Bill. Learned many things to prevent myself from getting in trouble due to alcohol. Easy to understand and I feel ready to make choices on my own that will lead me in a positive direction. Good learning experience. I am hoping that the format continues to rely on that. Instructors were great, very receptive to me, my situation and others in the class.

It has helped to address my concerns for myself by helping me look into my drinking patterns, etc. Tom was a great leader and seems to have a great knowledge of the topics. Glad I chose this class.

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It was nice being here and I'll stop in once and awhile. Helped me out greatly. I appreciate this service. Sometimes when I didn't understand after reading at home, talking in the group really helped to understand the importance of not drinking and driving and understanding that you could kill someone. So yes, I love the group.

I was able to see what different things affected me.

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Bill was very nice to talk to and the whole group as a whole. I would recommend this to everyone that needs to look at what he or she needs to change. The book was very helpful also to see problems on paper. Really gets you thinking about a lot of things involved with getting your DWI. And helps a lot to change your thought process on what you're doing wrong to switch it to the better.

I think the class was helpful and helped me reflect upon myself and some of my beliefs. I feel like it has helped me take a step back and make more positive choices. The group feedback was part of the class that I really felt was awesome. Bill is awesome as well.

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I have learned a lot and wish I would have taken the class early on. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone I know who needs it. The experience was good. Glad I completed the class sober. Keep up the good work. It helped me to be aware of the full danger of drunk driving. It gave me a new way to analyze situations and learn to say No. It really made me think about my actions and responsibilities to others.

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He didn't make me feel intimidated in any way, so it was a comfortable environment in which I felt I could really be honest. He was very helpful in getting me to set up with a class, which was great. I'm glad I found this place. I liked the way it is organized and the discussions held in class. And the instructors are very helpful.


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Thank you. Lots of support and assistance with questions and material. This class has helped me see things differently with my drinking habits. Overall I learned a lot and understood somewhat about the outcomes of drinking and driving. Thanks for such useful advice and education about DWIs and other drugs. I've never taken a step back and viewed my situation from afar.

Makes you look in the mirror about behavior. Understanding and yet direct. Not about guilt, but all about education to change behavior.

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Good for learning statistics that could happen if continuing on the same path. Just very helpful all around. I would recommend to anyone. Fun, relaxed, comfortable, low key, no pressure, funny and educational, valuable courses. Would recommend! Bill is an excellent counselor. I have never felt so comfortable when I thought I wouldn't be. This is a good environment to really reflect on why you are here in the first place.