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Also is it half of the retirement? His lawyer is saying a third. We are in KY. She will receive a portion of the payment that is currently going to him, and she will not have to wait. This issue should be addressed in her divorce agreement. Contact an attorney who is familiar with the laws in your state to find out what your rights are. Maybe you could go back to school and learn how to spell. Check with an attorney to find out what the laws are where you live.

Denise M. My husband and i have been divorced since In our divorce it states that i get half of his k from the time we were married up until when our divorce was final.. I have not received anything.. Or is there a way I can file for that by myself?? Please help i Dont know what to do and Dont think its fare if i have to pay for another lawyer when in my divorce papers it Already says i am entitled to half..

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Contact the company to let them know that your divorce decree says that you are entitled to half the k and ask them what additional paperwork they need. They probably have a proforma fill-in-the-blanks QDRO that you and your former spouse can file with them.

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But get it done ASAP before something happens — you are at risk until you do. My ex is retiring in Jan happy for him.. I worry he will low ball me and I wont know any better.. I became disabled in and no longer working, I really need to get an accurate number so I wont get low balled.. Your divorce decree will tell what you are to get. If you were awarded a percentage of his retirement and served a Qualified Domestic Relations Order on the plan administrator, your portion will be paid to you directly by the retirement plan.

If your decree says simply that your ex will pay you a percentage of his retirement as he receives it, then you will need to request proof of how much that is, such as a copy of the check he receives or a pay stub. What should I do next?

I have a horrible situation right now…. I am covered by spouse health ins. Married 40 yrs. Inj that has completely changed him as a human being. He has cognitive problems that he denies and has been inappropriate on the internet. He is either at work or gone, we have no friends or extended family besides 2 grown sons which I an get no understanding from.

He acts different around them. The stress is so bad that I feel like I am having a nervous breakdown at times. I am tryinv to work on better pain control but know it does not mean I will earn a living at my age. I always stayed home with kids so my husband could always work as much as he said he had to, only gtting my first full time job at 42, it only lasted 4 yrs…..

I have called apts. And they tell me I have to have three times the rent in my income…. I have no credit by myself…. He even forged my name on my last 20k and put in his k instead of the small one I had started at 42….. I am lost and feel he has thrown me away…. Does a judge usually award alimony with part of k?

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How does someone like me even be able to live in an apt if I have no income enough to qualify…he refuses to talk to me about most every topic but finances is out of the question….. Thank You for your time in reading this. Do you know of any situation where retirement funds such as pension and k plans have to notify the beneficiary of any money that has been moved?

Are there irrevocable provisions owners of these plans can put in place for spouses who stayed in marriages as long as 40 years? I made the home a comfortable place for my spouse and children neglecting my own career needs, even after going through a 2 yr college. I am afraid my spouse is having cognitive problems and will not seek help. I have tried to get him to discuss our finances but keeps asking me what I am talking about. I am afraid he is going to make bad financial decisions. And the personal stress associated with this is overwhelming for me. Thanks for your answer.

If you were married 21 years you would get 7 years spousal support.

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You can ask the court for emergency funding to get your set up in an apartment too. The laws of each state are different, so consult with your attorney to be sure. Yeah take him for a ride get all you can get. I will never get married again. Prenuptial for sure. Done…I wrote you a reply at the bottom. It is a long one and that is why I am telling you to look down the page..

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Judy Anstess. I am disabled and did not take Medicare because my husband has really wonderful insurance. We are on the brink of Divorce. I know it must be plenty enough to keep us going cause on his yearly income papers I noticed it was over 75k. He has a large amount in his k. Can this be? Not to mention keeping the inside clean and decorated, for his so called associates to visit. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

Dividing a Military Pension in Tennessee Divorce

I fell and broke my neck many years ago it fused itself back together. When the arthritis got into it I had to have surgery. This is not a pity story, Please believe me. Thank you all for listening to my complaints. May God watch over all of you….. The worst person to take legal advice from is your soon-to-be ex.

outer-edge-design.com/components/kegunaan/4660-what-is.php Consult with an attorney right away to find out your rights. I think you are a man anyway …. I was married for 34 years and made more money than my spouse and we had 4 children. He simply refused to put anything into his k because he knew he would be getting an inheritance from his parents. In the end after all these years of my actually investing in my retirement….. Go figure. And he will not pay for the quadro which probably will mean I will have to.

So typical of our marriage. Is there any way to get pension money that was awarded to me through divorce before my ex an I are How long after the attorney receives payment to process QDRO does it take. Should I be expecting a check soon, I made payment with attorney three weeks ago. My work was not priority since I started a painting business, she was in the Air Force , I moved so much was hard to start over a new business.

I did it again in Utah moved entire house for her and children started new business , only this time she got a high tech job, again making good money and good benefits.

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One day upset about money she asked me how long I had been saving and how much I had. All she needed was a reason to get out. I cried like someone ripped my heart out we were married 18 years and she took my family, wife, kids, home, insurance, benefits, few friends we had. I lost everything she wanted even more.

Why can someone make a law that says first you prove you need a divorce , second you prove you tried everything including hrs of counseling to reconcile , and third the separation can be allowed once both have given a fair chance to act civil and respectful.