Irish prison service annual report 2008

Offending behaviour often is connected to the personal or societal difficulties faced by an individual. The Probation Service has partnerships with a number of other agencies tackling these issues as they contribute to crime, including: homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction or social deprivation. This section explains what probation is and how it can be an opportunity for you to change the track you are on.

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It also outlines what to expect when you are referred to the Probation Service by the Courts. This section outlines what happens when you are first referred to the Probation Service for Assessment. This includes information on what the Probation Officer will seek to cover with you, how long it may take and what happens when the assessment is finished.

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Department of Justice and Equality, maintaining and enhancing community security and promoting a fair society through a range of policies and high quality services. This website is under development - Thank you for your patience. Toggle navigation. Alliances in Tackling the Roots of Crime Offending behaviour often is connected to the personal or societal difficulties faced by an individual.

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For Partner Organisations. An Introduction to Probation This section explains what probation is and how it can be an opportunity for you to change the track you are on. Turning to the Annual Report of the Probation Service which sets out the work and the performance of the Service against the key objectives outlined in the Probation Service Strategy Statement for to The report clearly illustrates the enormous valuable rehabilitative work of the Service with offenders in our communities and with victims of crime.

Rehabilitating offenders to achieve and maintain positive change is at the core of Probation Service work. In , the Probation Service managed almost 15, offenders in the community, completed over 10, assessment reports and over 2, community service assessments for courts nationwide.

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The Service also supervised over 6, new court orders for supervision, working with offenders to change their behaviours and become more law abiding citizens. The Probation Service continued to implement the Community Return Scheme, which affords offenders the opportunity to undertake unpaid work in the community, in lieu of a prison sentence while also learning valuable work and life skills.

We spoke with Declan from the Irish Prison Service at Jobs Expo Dublin, 13th October 2018

In , the Service managed over 2, Community Service Orders totalling almost , hours of Community Service work carried out by offenders in lieu of almost 1, years in custody. Examples of Communities benefitting from community service are contained in the report.

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I am delighted to see an integrated model of Community Service introduced on a pilot basis in This followed a recommendation from the Strategic Review of Penal Policy This initiative will be evaluated in and I look forward to the outcome. Women in the criminal justice system face unique issues in addressing and reducing their risk of reoffending. The experience in the Probation Service is that in general, female offenders pose a lower risk to society and have a higher level of need.

The Probation Service offers a distinct response when working with female offenders. The overall approach having a particular focus on relationships, trauma, victimisation and parenting, delivered through a co-ordinated and multi-agency response. The importance of community involvement in preventing re-offending is highlighted in the report. I had the privilege of officially opening their new premises and launching their strategic plan last November.

Bridge are one of the partners involved in J-ARC. This further supports and shows the commitment to joint agency working. Finally, saw the commencement of a recruitment process for new Probation Officers and the commencement of a recruitment process for a number of Community Service Supervisors in key locations nationwide.

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  8. This recruitment, I believe will help the Probation Service go from strength to strength, provide them with a central role in our criminal justice system and. To date 30 new Probation Officers have been assigned. I think it is important to acknowledge the wealth of collaboration that is taking place between the Prison Service and Probation Service at many levels. This close co-operation has been formalised in a Joint Strategy which is being delivered through many successful projects such as Community Return or Community Support.

    These initiatives have given real options and opportunities to offenders and as a result our communities are safer. The launch of this strategy marks the beginning of a new and innovative way of tackling re-offending rates, creating safer communities and ensuring fewer victims. This strategy is the result of 12 months collaborative work between the Department of Justice and Equality, Probation Service, Irish Prison Service and our community partners, which was overseen by a dedicated Social Enterprise Steering Committee.

    This committee was established in May , for the purpose of developing and driving forward this strategy, which supports the development of social enterprises as a mechanism of providing sustainable employment for people with convictions under four strategic pillars.

    We look forward to the forthcoming National Social Enterprise Strategy, currently being developed by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and thank this Department for their support and contribution to our own Joint Strategy. There are examples of successful social enterprises operating in Britain and other jurisdictions to support employment for people with convictions but as of yet, it remains a largely untapped opportunity here in Ireland.

    Today marks a significant step forward in this regard, the impact of which will be experienced at individual, family, community and wider society levels. This enterprise brings many benefits to the local community and to the serving prisoners alike, as it greatly assists their re-integration into society. I am also very pleased to see other examples of social enterprises operating within the criminal justice sector here today.