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She wrote several prize-winning documentaries such as Afro-Americans in the Arts. The popularity of Maya Angelou has in large part been due to her ability to write about the many experiences of life with a vivid and engaging style that absorbs the reader. In the s, she was active in the civil rights movement, coming into contact with both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

She was devastated after both King and Malcolm X were assassinated in the late s. It is considered an important work for giving a personal voice to African American women. She went on to write seven autobiographical works. She has also been active in film and television. Angelou wrote the Pulitzer-winning screenplay and composed the score for the film Georgia, Georgia.

Her works have also received criticism for depicting sexually explicit scenes and violence. What is it about this 16th-century play that has had such a lasting impression on readers and audiences? Romeo and Juliet was originally published in , in the First Quarto. But Shakespeare scholars have long argued that this version of the play was not only incomplete, but unauthorized. The version, published in the Second Quarto, is the version of Romeo and Juliet we all know and love today. Romeo and Juliet kicks off with a prologue that tells the reader exactly where the play is going:.

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So much for suspense! Talk about a whirlwind romance! Given that we know Juliet is just 13 years old, her impetuousness might seem more understandable. But from the time they meet to the time they marry, Romeo and Juliet have known each other less than 24 hours.

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But in , actress Mary Saunderson stepped onto the stage as Juliet; she is believed to be the first woman to play the iconic role. When we first meet Romeo, it is not Juliet but another woman, Rosaline, upon whom the young lothario has set his sights. But then he meets Juliet and all bets are off. Romeo and Juliet has had a lasting effect on the English language, including its popularization of words like ladybird and phrases like wild goose chase.

Take the pledge at howlifeunfolds. BY Scott Beggs. Here are 10 facts about Maya Angelou, who would have turned 90 years old today. Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images. Subscribe to our Newsletter! BY Andrew LaSane. Christopher Walken Everyone does a Christopher Walken impression, but rarely do they come close to matching the unique inflection of the real deal. Stan Lee If Stan Lee hadn't gone into comics, he could very well have been a voice actor—at least based on his reading of "The Raven," a poem he said he at one point had memorized.

An earlier version of this story ran in BY Alvin Ward.

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Romeo and Juliet is based on an Arthur Brooke poem. When Angelou returned to the United States in the mids, she was encouraged by author James Baldwin and Robert Loomis, an editor at Random House, to write an autobiography. It won immediate success and was nominated for a National Book Award.

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It is widely taught in schools, though it has faced controversy over its portrayal of race, sexual abuse and violence. Though her books are episodic and tightly-crafted, the events seldom follow a strict chronology and are arranged to emphasize themes. It took Angelou fifteen years to write the final volume of her autobiography, A Song Flung up to Heaven Holst wrote in Christian Century.

Angelou was also a prolific and widely-read poet, and her poetry has often been lauded more for its depictions of Black beauty, the strength of women, and the human spirit; criticizing the Vietnam War; demanding social justice for all—than for its poetic virtue. Her themes deal broadly with the painful anguish suffered by blacks forced into submission, with guilt over accepting too much, and with protest and basic survival.

She was the first Black woman to have a screenplay Georgia, Georgia produced in She was honored with a nomination for an Emmy award for her performance in Roots in Angelou wrote the poetry for the film Poetic Justice and played the role of Aunt June. It recalls the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • Biography of Maya Angelou, Writer and Civil Rights Activist.
  • Angelou also wrote occasional poems, including A Brave Startling Truth , which commemorated the founding of the United Nations, and Amazing Peace , a poem written for the White House Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. Angelou published multiple collections of essays. Letter to my Daughter was published in Trying to work with that form, the autobiographical mode, to change it, to make it bigger, richer, finer, and more inclusive in the twentieth century has been a great challenge for me.

    She died in at the age of Poets lend voices to current events and elections as they critique and defend the social and political issues of their day. Also author of The Poetry of Maya Angelou, Composer of songs, including two songs for movie For Love of Ivy, and composer of musical scores for both her screenplays. Also author of Assignment America, a series of six one-half-hour programs, , and of The Legacy and The Inheritors, two television specials, Writer for television series Brewster Place, Harpo Productions.

    Hinds, Harry N.

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    Short stories are included in anthologies, including Harlem and Ten Times Black. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Maya Angelou. Poems by Maya Angelou. Related Content. More About this Poet. Region: U. Poems by This Poet Related Bibliography. Awaking in New York.


    Caged Bird. California Prodigal. Harlem Hopscotch. The Mothering Blackness. Phenomenal Woman.