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No death records are available at the state government offices prior to Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. Many folks yearn to complete their family trees.

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Scholars or certain regions want to get the right information in recording local histories. This original colony has a catalog of historic information, and if you are truly interested in obtaining the birth dates and death dates of North Carolinians, then there is one source to ponder.

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Although there are a number of motivations for uncovering this historic data, you should be aware that the information can be received from one central location. Data for the Family Tree You may be one of thousands of Americans who seek to devise a family tree. This hobby, known as genealogy, has been growing lately.

The advent of quick internet research has contributed to this fact. Provide on your empty family tree the names of your immediate family. If you can offer their birth dates as well, you can see your new project already getting off to a good start.

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After your initial fill-in-the-blanks offering, your next move may be to take a gander at the North Carolina vital records. Birth certificates and death records are found within these documents, and you will be looking at information you need for your ancestral activity. The state of North Carolina presents this data to the public and in one location for easy access. Data for Local History Assignments Who writes the history of a regional area?

That duty could fall upon you, if you know how to find the evidence. Community history enthusiasts are often encouraged to write a history of its people. The North Carolina vital records will offer birth and death information about movers and shakers of long ago. There are indexes of all marriages by groom and by bride. The index is in book form and can also be found on the office imaging system.

Birth Records The registration of birth records in North Carolina began in Surry County has over , birth records. The records also contain delayed birth records for those who were born before and those born after whose birth was not reported and who had a delayed birth certificate prepared. The original birth records are available. Certified copies are created from computerized birth data from the original record. Also, all births have been indexed in the computer.

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The birth records where the child is not given a surname are indexed under "not stated". Birth records for those who have been adopted are no longer on record in the local Register of Deeds Office and can only be obtained from Vital Records in Raleigh.

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In accordance with North Carolina General Statute Anyone may obtain an uncertified copy. If, after reading and understanding the above facts, you wish to request a certified or uncertified abstract copy of a birth certificate from the Statewide Birth Database, please contact The Cabarrus County Register of Deeds Office.

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