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Back Location. Group meets in:. Information is provided to help you understand legal issues that may be at hand, especially when View Email. Clinical Social Work Supervision. I have spent 7 years specializing in children, adolescent and family therapy. If your clinical track is similar are looking for supervision, this might Dealing with Divorce. The hurt and pain from a divorce can be overwhelming.

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Learning to discover your new life can filled with a variety of emotions. The goals of the group Overcoming Infidelity Support Group. Whether working through the trauma of separation or trying to repair a relationship after cheating, this group will provide a safe space to process your feelings as the Divorce Recovery.

This recovery group provides you with concrete steps you can take to best ensure your full divorce recovery. Grief Support Group for Children and Adolescents. Divorce Support Group. The goals of the Positive Parenting. However, many people fail to understand exactly how alimony or spousal support works.

These are two phrases that mean exactly the same thing. It is popular belief that women receive an abundance of alimony while men are left nearly destitute.


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This is not the goal of alimony. This is not a law or a firm rule but rather a very general guideline. Alimony then ensures that the dependent spouse can continue to live with a steady stream of income for some period of time determined by the court. Contact us online or call or Oakland County office at to get advice on your alimony options. In Michigan, family courts decide alimony on a case-by-case basis and there is no precise formula on how they determine alimony.

However, there are at least 11 factors that they use to make the decision:. The court must weigh all factors when deciding alimony, and cannot put severely disproportionate weight on one factor over another. All factors do not have to be weighed equally and in fact in many cases, some of the alimony factors might not apply at all.

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The court must also explain its alimony decision and put this explanation on the record. Although fault is not a grounds for divorce in Michigan, fault cmight play a role in determining alimony — though only to a certain extent, because all 11 factors must be considered when applicable. And even though fault is taken into consideration, alimony is never meant to punish either party. More and more judges disregard fault in deciding alimony. Alimony is designed to sustain a dependent spouse during and after the divorce.

Michigan courts make their alimony decisions based on what is fair and equitable for each spouse under their specific circumstances. Permanent periodic alimony is a regular often monthly maintenance payment to support a spouse who was previously dependent. This type of payment is normally modifiable if the spouse seeking to modify it can prove a significant change in circumstance.

In fact if the alimony is decided by a judge rather than negotiated by the parties as a part of their overall divorce settlement, the court must order that alimony is modifiable when circumstances change. In other words, Michigan family courts are not authorized to order alimony that is not modifiable.

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On the other hand, spousal support settlements are often not modifiable because the attorneys and parties prefer some degree of certainty about the future. A lump sum payment is when the court decides a fixed amount of alimony, either to be paid all at once or over a designated period of time.

This type of alimony cannot be changed or altered, even if circumstances change. For example, even if the spouse receiving the payments remarries, the spouse making the payments must continue until the entire designated amount has been paid in full. Finally, rehabilitative payments are made to help the previously dependent spouse gain new skills, education, or another component that will allow them to finally become self-sustaining.

This type of alimony can be altered if the spouse requesting the alteration demonstrates significantly changed circumstances. This is currently the most common type of spousal support, with child support payments losing popularity in the courts. Whichever kind of alimony is either settled on or ordered by the court, those payments will only be considered to be alimony if they conform to Section 71 of the Internal Revenue Code. The procedure for making a spousal support order is outlined in MCR 3.