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Call to end, reply STOP. Did not know this person and felt very uncomfortable when talking to them.

Asked for me to send a picture of my self after asking how to spell my last name. Line was engaged soon as we ring back. I got 2 rings this afternoon at am. This phone number is tied to a money scam be careful!!!!!! This number was given as a way to text information in a scam where they say they will send you a check or money orders for you to cash and send a portion of it to them via western union. The money orders and Cashiers check were all fake.

We received a request for equipment from a Carl Harrison at the following address: Wilshire Blvd Suite Los Angeles, CA All was fine until I told him payment by wire transfer only. When you say that, it scares them away because they know you're on to them. Another red flag: area code is not for delivery address location; also, English choppy and if it were a legitimate company, their email would not be " yahoo. Companies use their company name in the email. Not all - but most. And when buying equipment - especially expensive stuff - you have to deal with a purchasing department and they would issue a P.

Once a PO is submitted, it is up to us the vendor to check them out. And if they don't - pay by wire transfer baby!! No they will not I tried that and even made the payment earlier than I had arranged to and I still get phone calls. My payments are caught up and paid earlier than they are supposed to be yet I get at least 3 calls a day. I called them back and when I talked to the person on the other end of the line she couldnt explain why they were calling.

So I told her if it happened again I would report it to my AG and still they called again. Complete scam.

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Rude, demanding, person calling, seems just like a black male. Argumentative, would not reply how she had our no. I got a call from said i was approved for a 8, Same as above. We are on Do Not Call in Colorado too. We also got tons of those phony auto warranty calls too. I think it is kind of apple virus.

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When u receive email like Shawn's and if you open it in your iPhone, it sends your contact list somewhere, where they use this number to send pretty much same text to people in your contact list. The telephone instantly turns busy. I receive calls from this number every day, prank calls leaving a voice message with static noise or voices on the background speaking foul language.

When tried to call back, got a voice mail saying that I dialed an office of Becky Shou? This was a toner con firm. Package is rejected however these people continued phoning back attempting to offer their toners. Called my number asking for my son and was really false debt collector for my brother. No validity of debt by mail just called to harass for payment.

Not real debt. Im receiving a lot of calls from this number and dont let me answer the phone, the calls ring and the person hang up the call. My Aunt received numerous calls from this number telling her she had won 2. At first the person told her that he would be coming to her house with 2 U. S Marshalls and a Police Officer. By the 3rd call he told her she needed to do a money transfer through a specific bank and to a specific person. The 4th or 5th call they said they were waiting at a restaurant until she did the money transfer.

On the last call I know of she told the person she knew they were calling from Jamaica to which they became silent then told her they couldn't hear her very well and hung up. She did call our local police and the were not very helpful. I wish there was a way that they could be tracked and taken care of in a not so polite manor. Recorded message from Home Security Solutions, says do not hang up, blah, blah blah.. They have called many times but nobody is there when I answer. I called the number back and got a recording saying to press 1 to removed from their list, but I'm already on the national do-not-call list.

It's probably just a machine that collects phone numbers for telemarketers. The number that came up was only The automated call said "This is First Source Bank calling. We regret to inform you that your debit card has been locked. Please push 1 for more information.

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No one lives here by that name, we have got my number for 5 years. This kid is impolite. They asked me for naked pictures and called me one time at am sunday moring and texted me tuesday morning at am they text me about 15 times. Called my business today. Don't know who it was, the recorder picked it up.

A male voice said 'hello? Telemarketer I'm guessing. The man called stating he was John Cassady from publisher clearing house.

Man beaten by Dover police was wanted in connection to domestic violence charges

I totally could tell it was a scam right off because the man wanted money. Same here. We ask them repeatedly not to call! They call many many many times. It's not Google either! I have been in contact with Google. Sharon L. Sutton, 49, is a programmeranalyst for Glaxo-SmithKline Pharmaceuticals in ly. Put them on Page One once in a while.

Committee members noted the need to include minorities in coverage throughout the paper, from Page One to the wedding announcements. Managing Editor Stu Shinske welcomed the members' contributions. Each Friday morning, Muckenfuss herds the animals into his trailer and drops them off at the church.

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Reach Lyford or online. Moore at lmoorecourierpost! Collegeville, Pa. She also is a member of her company's Diversity Council.

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She is a resident of Mount Laurel.